CoreTrustSeal certification

On October 6, 2022, at the EOSC-Nordic final event [1] in Tallinn we had a presentation about the QsarDB repository titled "Case study on FAIRification and certification: QsarDB". The presentation described our collaboration with EOSC-Nordic to improve the FAIRness of the repository metadata and ongoing CoreTrustSeal certification [2]. We have blogged about the FAIR principles before [3] and now it time to give few updates on the CoreTrustSeal certification process. The EOSC-Nordic (European Union’s Horizon 2020) project kindly offered their support for applying for the CoreTrustSeal certification and we decided to go for it. During this work Mari Kleemola, Mari-Elisa Kuusniemi and Tuomas Alaterä consulted us in the preparation of the necessary documentation. The certification process is still ongoing, the documentation has been submitted and we recently received the evaluation report. We have addressed comments as requested. At this point, we have resubmitted application and all that remains is to wait. Overall, this process has been very helpful to improve our practices, staying up to date with technology and keeping results from QSAR/QSPR research open.



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