Data submission and usage

  • The QsarDB repository accepts the contribution of (Q)SAR/QSPR data (i.e. models and datasets) that are related with a scientific paper that is either published or accepted for the publication, or have other means providing scientifically sound and citable description how they have been developed.

  • The submitted data must be represented in the QsarDB archive format or QMRF format, which may be accompanied by optional supplementary information.

  • After the submission the authors will retain all rights for the submitted data. The host of QsarDB repository has permission to make the submitted data publicly available and to take necessary steps for preserving it.

  • Use and re-use of data is subject to the license under which the data objects were deposited.


  • The QsarDB repository makes no warranties regarding the correctness of the data and repository software and shall not be liable for any damage that may result from errors or omissions in the repository.