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QsarDB is a smart repository for (Q)SAR/QSPR models and datasets, ready for discovery, exploring, and citing.

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Workshop at QSAR 2016, Miami Beach, June 15th, 2016

QsarDB repository for (Q)SAR models in environmental and health sciences

This practical mini-workshop presents QsarDB repository with over 360 predictive (Q)SAR models for physical-chemical properties, environmental fate-, ecotoxic-, human health-, toxico-kinetic and other endpoints. The following topics are covered: (a) the basic usage of the repository; (b) techniques for presenting (Q)SAR models in transparent and fully accessible manner; (c) how to publish models in the QsarDB repository; (d) and decision support functionality (including reporting predictions). Demonstration can be followed on personal computer equipped with standard web browser; therefore bringing personal laptop is encouraged.

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