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QsarDB is a smart repository for (Q)SAR/QSPR models and datasets, ready for discovery, exploring, citing and predicting.

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Transparent QSAR data

Create and upload QDB archive


The QsarDB repository requires your model and associated data to be organized. A small effort will make your research transparent and usable.

Cite QSAR data

Link repository with your publication


Include a QsarDB archive DOI in your publication. Taylor & Francis journals now automatically link to a QsarDB archive when the corresponding article DOI is included with the archive.

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Search from 40000 structures in QDB archives


Exact chemical search, similarity and substructure searches find QDB archives containing the query compound.

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Browse among more than 500 interactive models


Browse the list of endpoints, corresponding QDB archives and among more than 500 models. Visualize models and predict endpoints.