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The front page of the QsarDB repository has two panels:

  1. Left panel – shows browsing options (described below)
  2. Right panel – lists latest uploads to the repository


  1. Chemical search – Finds all QDB archives containing the query chemical. The chemical search engine provides options for exact chemical search, similarity search and substructure search.
  2. Text search – Searches text strings from the archives (e.g. titles, authors, abstracts, and other metadata).
  3. Advanced search – Add custom filters for more precise search results.


  1. Communities & Collections – Lists research groups (communities) and their collections.
  2. By Submit Date – Lists QDB archives by their submission dates and allows making selections on timeline.
  3. Authors – Browse archives by the authors of original publications.
  4. Titles – Browse archives based on original publication titles.
  5. Journals – Browse archives based on journals where original publications were published.
  6. Endpoints – Browse archives based on endpoints covered in modelling.
  7. Species – Browse archives based on species covered in modelling.
  8. Descriptor calculation software – Browse archives based on descriptor calculation software used in modelling.
  9. Modeling software – Browse archives based on software used in modelling.
  10. Model type – Browse archives based on model types used in modelling.

My Account

  1. Login – Login to the QsarDB repository
  2. Register – Create your own QsarDB account

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