New community for Simulations Plus, Inc.

Simulations Plus Inc. (NASDAQ: SLP) founded its community in QsarDB in the fall of 2021 to provide users with information about its in silico QSAR models.

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Simulations Plus, Inc. created a new collection for their mutagenicity models available in the ADMET Predictor® software. This new collection uses a recent development in QsarDB that allows information about QSARs to be added to the repository, as machine-readable QMRF documents.

Serving clients worldwide for 25 years, Simulations Plus, Inc. is a leading provider of modeling and simulation software and consulting services supporting drug discovery, development research, and regulatory submissions. Their mission is to create value for customers by accelerating and reducing the costs of R&D through innovative science-based software and consulting solutions that optimize treatment options and improve patient lives. Their ADMET Cheminformatics division builds QSAR models using the ADMET Modeler™ module in ADMET Predictor®.

Simulations Plus, Inc. community link at QsarDB is: 10967/242

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