Looking back to 2017

2017 was a year of normal technical development, QSAR models from 14 articles were digitalized and uploaded to the QsarDB repository, also the repository back-end was upgraded, etc.


Oral presentation: "QsarDB – not just open data, but also open predictive models in chemistry and related sciences" (by U. Maran) at seminar RDA Meets Estonian Researchers, 8 November 2017, Tartu, Estonia


Oral presentation at the SETAC Europe 2017, held 7.-11. May 2017, Brussels, Belgium.

Reference to the abstract: U. Maran, S. Sild, G. Piir, A. T. Garcia-Sosa, I. Kahn Availability and organization of QSAR-s influences the higher understandability and acceptability of descriptive and predictive models. Book of Abstracts: SETAC Europe 2017, number 325.

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