Looking back to 2013

This year was special for QsarDB for at least two reasons. The first one is certainly an article in Journal Chemosphere that linked a QSAR model to the repository with a unique persistent digital identifier (HDL). The second was a funding from the EU Regional Development Fund, which significantly boosted activities over the next three years.


Invited presentation at CMTPI2013 – 7-th International Symposium on Computational Methods in Toxicology and Pharmacology Integrating Internet Resources, Seoul, Korea, October 8-12, 2013.

Reference to the abstract: U. Maran, V. Ruusmann, S. Sild, Electronic organization and archiving of QSAR/QSPR model information. Book of Abstracts: CMTPI2013, page 31.


Oral presentation at ECO2013 – Environmental Chemoinformatics Conference, Prien, Chiemsee (close to Munich, Germany), September 15-18, 2013.

Reference to the abstract: Maran U., Ruusmann V., Sild S., Organizing information for computational predictive toxicology models, introduction to the QsarDB concept. Book of Abstracts: ECO 2013, page 56.


First article published online including unique persistent digital identifier by Handle System (HDL), giving access to the QSARs hosted in the repository

Aruoja, V.; Moosus, M.; Kahru, A.; Sihtmäe, M.; Maran, U. Measurement of baseline toxicity and QSAR analysis of 50 non-polar and 58 polar narcotic chemicals for the alga Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata. Chemosphere 2014, 96, 23-32.

DOI: 10.1016/j.chemosphere.2013.06.088

QDB archive DOI: 10.15152/QDB.106

QDB archive HDL: 10967/106

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