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TETRATOX primary publications


The TETRATOX database is a collection of toxic potency data against the common freshwater ciliate Tetrahymena pyriformis . Starting from 1980, Terry W. Schultz and co-workers have published 50% population growth impairment concentrations (IGC50) for more than 2100 industrial organic compounds. The data is scattered over 75 primary publications.

This collection of QsarDB archives is the outcome of our systematic PDF-to-QsarDB digitization efforts. Most of the data (compound names, CAS registry numbers, property and descriptor values) was programmatically recovered from PDF data tables. Property and descriptor metadata (units, bibliography references) and model data was manually recovered from PDF text. The data has not been altered in any way, except for correcting a small number of invalid CAS registry numbers. The data in QsarDB archives is curated and result is published elsewhere (doi: 10.1007/s10822-013-9664-4).

The intended audience includes those who want to explore some of the most prominent TETRATOX QSAR models and/or download full TETRATOX datasets for novel reserach.

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