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Oja, M.; Sild, S.; Maran, U. Logistic Classification Models for pH-Permeability Profile: Predicting Permeability Classes for the Biopharmaceutical Classification System. J. Chem. Inf. Model. 2019, 59, 2442-2455.

238 compounds | Property Class_pH5: Class of membrane permeability at pH 5 i

ID Name Class_pH5 Details
E01 8-hydroxyquinoline H View
E02 Acebutolol L View
E03 Acetanilide H View
M001 Aciclovir L View
M002 Acitretin H View
E04 Acrivastine L View
E05 Alfuzosin L View
M003 Allopurinol L View
E06 Alosetron L View
M004 Ambroxol L View
M005 Aminophenazone H View
E07 Aminosalicylic acid L View
M006 Amitriptyline L View
E08 Amodiaquine L View
M007 Amoxapine L View
M008 Antipyrine H View
M009 Astemizole L View
M010 Azelastine L View
M011 Beclomethasone dipropionate H View
E09 Bendroflumethiazide L View
M012 Benzbromarone H View
E10 Benzocaine H View
M013 Benzoic acid H View
M014 Betahistine L View
M015 Betaxolol L View
M016 Bicalutamide H View
M017 Bisacodyl H View
M018 Bisoprolol L View
E11 Brimonidine L View
M019 Budesonide H View
M020 Caffeine H View
E12 Capecitabine L View
M021 Carbadox L View
M022 Carbamazepine H View
M023 Carvedilol L View
M024 Cefadroxil L View
M025 Chloramphenicol L View
M026 Chlormadinone acetate H View
E13 Chloropyramine L View
M027 Chloroquine L View
M028 Chlorphenamine L View
M029 Chlorpromazine L View
E14 Chlorzoxazone H View
E15 Chlorthalidone L View
E16 Ciclopirox H View
M030 Cinoxacin L View
M031 Ciprofloxacin L View
M032 Citalopram H View
M033 Clomipramine L View
M034 Clonidine L View
M035 Clozapine H View
E17 Coumarin H View
M036 Cromoglicic acid L View
E18 Cyclobenzaprine H View
E19 Cyproheptadine L View
M037 Danofloxacin L View
M038 Dapsone L View
E20 Deferiprone L View
M039 Desipramine L View
M040 Dexamethasone L View
M041 Diclofenac H View
M042 Dicloxacillin L View
M043 Difloxacin L View
M044 Diflunisal H View
M045 Dihydroergotamine L View
M046 Diltiazem L View
M047 Dimetindene L View
E21 Dipyridamole L View
M048 Disopyramide L View
M049 Dolasetron L View
M050 Domperidone L View
E22 Donepezil L View
M051 Doxazosin L View
M052 Doxepin H View
M053 Enoxacin L View
M054 Enrofloxacin L View
M055 Ethinyl estradiol H View
M056 Etoricoxib H View
M057 Famotidine L View
M058 Fenoterol L View
M059 Fluconazole L View
M060 Flumequine H View
M061 Fluorescein H View
E23 Flupirtine H View
M062 Flutamide H View
M063 Fluvoxamine L View
M064 Furosemide L View
E24 Galantamine L View
M065 Gemfibrozil H View
E25 Granisetron L View
M066 Guanabenz L View
M067 Haloperidol H View
E26 Hesperetin H View
M068 Hydralazine L View
M069 Hydrochlorothiazide L View
E27 Hydrocortisone H View
M070 Hydroxychloroquine L View
M071 Imipramine L View
M072 Indomethacin H View
M073 Iopromide L View
M074 Irbesartan H View
M075 Isoniazid L View
E28 Isoxepac H View
M076 Isradipine H View
M077 Ketoconazole H View
M078 Ketoprofen H View
M079 Ketotifen L View
M080 Labetalol L View
M081 Lamivudine L View
M082 Lamotrigine L View
E29 Levofloxacin L View
E30 Levosimendan L View
M083 Lidocaine H View
M084 Linezolid L View
M085 Lomefloxacin L View
E31 Loxapine L View
M086 Marbofloxacin L View
M087 Mazipredone L View
M088 Medroxyprogesterone acetate H View
E32 Melatonin H View
E33 Menadione H View
E34 Mepivacaine L View
M089 Methylprednisolone L View
M090 Metoclopramide L View
M091 Metoprolol L View
M092 Metronidazole L View
M093 Metyrapone H View
M094 Midazolam H View
E35 Minoxidil L View
E36 Mycophenolate mofetil H View
M095 Nafcillin L View
M096 Naloxone L View
M097 Naproxen H View
M098 Naratriptan L View
M099 Nevirapine H View
M100 Nicotinamide L View
M101 Nicotine L View
E37 Nilvadipine H View
E38 Nizatidine L View
E39 Nitrofurantoin L View
M102 Norfloxacin L View
M103 Ofloxacin L View
M104 Olaquindox L View
M105 Omeprazole H View
M106 Ondansetron L View
M107 Orbifloxacin L View
M108 Oxacillin L View
M109 Oxcarbazepine H View
M110 Oxprenolol L View
E40 Oxybuprocaine L View
M111 Pantoprazole H View
M112 Papaverine H View
M113 Paroxetine L View
M114 Pentamidine L View
M115 Pentoxifylline H View
M116 Perphenazine H View
E41 Phenazopyridine H View
M117 Pheniramine L View
E42 Phenol H View
M118 Phenylbutazone H View
E43 Physostigmine L View
M119 Pindolol L View
M120 Pitofenone L View
M121 Prednisolone L View
M122 Prednisone L View
E44 Prilocaine L View
E45 Primaquine L View
E46 Procainamide L View
M123 Procaine L View
E47 Procarbazine H View
M124 Promethazine L View
M125 Propafenone L View
E48 Proparacaine L View
M126 Propofol H View
M127 Propranolol L View
E49 Protionamide H View
M128 Pyrazinamide L View
E50 Pyridoxal L View
M129 Quetiapine H View
M130 Quinine L View
M131 Rabeprazole H View
E51 Salicylamide H View
M132 Salicylic acid H View
M133 Sarafloxacin L View
E52 Succinylsulfathiazole L View
M134 Sulfacetamide L View
M135 Sulfachloropyridazine L View
M136 Sulfadiazine L View
M137 Sulfadimethoxine H View
M138 Sulfadoxine L View
M139 Sulfaguanidine L View
M140 Sulfamerazine L View
M141 Sulfamethazine L View
M142 Sulfamethizole L View
M143 Sulfamethoxazole L View
M144 Sulfamethoxypyridazine L View
M145 Sulfamonomethoxine L View
M146 Sulfamoxole L View
M147 Sulfanilamide L View
M148 Sulfapyridine L View
M149 Sulfaquinoxaline L View
M150 Sulfathiazole L View
M151 Sulfisoxazole L View
M152 Sulindac H View
E53 Sulpiride L View
M153 Zalcitabine L View
M154 Zaleplon H View
E54 Zolmitriptan L View
M155 Tacrine L View
E55 Tamsulosin L View
M156 Tenidap H View
M157 Theobromine L View
M158 Theophylline L View
M159 Thiabendazole H View
M160 Thiamphenicol L View
M161 Thiethylperazine L View
M162 Thioridazine L View
M163 Tiagabine H View
M164 Timolol L View
M165 Tinidazole L View
M166 Tizanidine L View
M167 Tofisopam H View
M168 Tolbutamide H View
E56 Tolmetin H View
M169 Tolperisone L View
M170 Tolterodine L View
M171 Tramadol L View
M172 Trazodone H View
M173 Triamcinolone L View
E57 Trichlormethiazide L View
M174 Trimethoprim L View
E58 Tripelennamine L View
M175 Tropisetron L View
M176 Valsartan H View
E59 Vardenafil L View
M177 Warfarin H View
M178 Verapamil H View
E60 Yohimbine L View


  1. Oja, M.; Maran, U. pH-permeability profiles for drug substances: Experimental detection, comparison with human intestinal absorption and modelling. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2018, 123, 429–440.