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Oja, M.; Maran, U. pH-permeability profiles for drug substances: Experimental detection, comparison with human intestinal absorption and modelling. Eur. J. Pharm. Sci. 2018, 123, 429-440.

238 compounds

ID Name Details
M001 Aciclovir View
M002 Acitretin View
M003 Allopurinol View
M004 Ambroxol View
M005 Aminophenazone View
M006 Amitriptyline View
M007 Amoxapine View
M008 Antipyrine View
M009 Astemizole View
M010 Azelastine View
M011 Beclomethasone dipropionate View
M012 Benzbromarone View
M013 Benzoic acid View
M014 Betahistine View
M015 Betaxolol View
M016 Bicalutamide View
M017 Bisacodyl View
M018 Bisoprolol View
M019 Budesonide View
M020 Caffeine View
M021 Carbadox View
M022 Carbamazepine View
M023 Carvedilol View
M024 Cefadroxil View
M025 Chloramphenicol View
M026 Chlormadinone acetate View
M027 Chloroquine View
M028 Chlorphenamine View
M029 Chlorpromazine View
M030 Cinoxacin View
M031 Ciprofloxacin View
M032 Citalopram View
M033 Clomipramine View
M034 Clonidine View
M035 Clozapine View
M036 Cromoglicic acid View
M037 Danofloxacin View
M038 Dapsone View
M039 Desipramine View
M040 Dexamethasone View
M041 Diclofenac View
M042 Dicloxacillin View
M043 Difloxacin View
M044 Diflunisal View
M045 Dihydroergotamine View
M046 Diltiazem View
M047 Dimetindene View
M048 Disopyramide View
M049 Dolasetron View
M050 Domperidone View
M051 Doxazosin View
M052 Doxepin View
M053 Enoxacin View
M054 Enrofloxacin View
M055 Ethinyl estradiol View
M056 Etoricoxib View
M057 Famotidine View
M058 Fenoterol View
M059 Fluconazole View
M060 Flumequine View
M061 Fluorescein View
M062 Flutamide View
M063 Fluvoxamine View
M064 Furosemide View
M065 Gemfibrozil View
M066 Guanabenz View
M067 Haloperidol View
M068 Hydralazine View
M069 Hydrochlorothiazide View
M070 Hydroxychloroquine View
M071 Imipramine View
M072 Indomethacin View
M073 Iopromide View
M074 Irbesartan View
M075 Isoniazid View
M076 Isradipine View
M077 Ketoconazole View
M078 Ketoprofen View
M079 Ketotifen View
M080 Labetalol View
M081 Lamivudine View
M082 Lamotrigine View
M083 Lidocaine View
M084 Linezolid View
M085 Lomefloxacin View
M086 Marbofloxacin View
M087 Mazipredone View
M088 Medroxyprogesterone acetate View
M089 Methylprednisolone View
M090 Metoclopramide View
M091 Metoprolol View
M092 Metronidazole View
M093 Metyrapone View
M094 Midazolam View
M095 Nafcillin View
M096 Naloxone View
M097 Naproxen View
M098 Naratriptan View
M099 Nevirapine View
M100 Nicotinamide View
M101 Nicotine View
M102 Norfloxacin View
M103 Ofloxacin View
M104 Olaquindox View
M105 Omeprazole View
M106 Ondansetron View
M107 Orbifloxacin View
M108 Oxacillin View
M109 Oxcarbazepine View
M110 Oxprenolol View
M111 Pantoprazole View
M112 Papaverine View
M113 Paroxetine View
M114 Pentamidine View
M115 Pentoxifylline View
M116 Perphenazine View
M117 Pheniramine View
M118 Phenylbutazone View
M119 Pindolol View
M120 Pitofenone View
M121 Prednisolone View
M122 Prednisone View
M123 Procaine View
M124 Promethazine View
M125 Propafenone View
M126 Propofol View
M127 Propranolol View
M128 Pyrazinamide View
M129 Quetiapine View
M130 Quinine View
M131 Rabeprazole View
M132 Salicylic acid View
M133 Sarafloxacin View
M134 Sulfacetamide View
M135 Sulfachloropyridazine View
M136 Sulfadiazine View
M137 Sulfadimethoxine View
M138 Sulfadoxine View
M139 Sulfaguanidine View
M140 Sulfamerazine View
M141 Sulfamethazine View
M142 Sulfamethizole View
M143 Sulfamethoxazole View
M144 Sulfamethoxypyridazine View
M145 Sulfamonomethoxine View
M146 Sulfamoxole View
M147 Sulfanilamide View
M148 Sulfapyridine View
M149 Sulfaquinoxaline View
M150 Sulfathiazole View
M151 Sulfisoxazole View
M152 Sulindac View
M153 Zalcitabine View
M154 Zaleplon View
M155 Tacrine View
M156 Tenidap View
M157 Theobromine View
M158 Theophylline View
M159 Thiabendazole View
M160 Thiamphenicol View
M161 Thiethylperazine View
M162 Thioridazine View
M163 Tiagabine View
M164 Timolol View
M165 Tinidazole View
M166 Tizanidine View
M167 Tofisopam View
M168 Tolbutamide View
M169 Tolperisone View
M170 Tolterodine View
M171 Tramadol View
M172 Trazodone View
M173 Triamcinolone View
M174 Trimethoprim View
M175 Tropisetron View
M176 Valsartan View
M177 Warfarin View
M178 Verapamil View
E01 8-hydroxyquinoline View
E02 Acebutolol View
E03 Acetanilide View
E04 Acrivastine View
E05 Alfuzosin View
E06 Alosetron View
E07 Aminosalicylic acid View
E08 Amodiaquine View
E09 Bendroflumethiazide View
E10 Benzocaine View
E11 Brimonidine View
E12 Capecitabine View
E13 Chloropyramine View
E14 Chlorzoxazone View
E15 Chlorthalidone View
E16 Ciclopirox View
E17 Coumarin View
E18 Cyclobenzaprine View
E19 Cyproheptadine View
E20 Deferiprone View
E21 Dipyridamole View
E22 Donepezil View
E23 Flupirtine View
E24 Galantamine View
E25 Granisetron View
E26 Hesperetin View
E27 Hydrocortisone View
E28 Isoxepac View
E29 Levofloxacin View
E30 Levosimendan View
E31 Loxapine View
E32 Melatonin View
E33 Menadione View
E34 Mepivacaine View
E35 Minoxidil View
E36 Mycophenolate mofetil View
E37 Nilvadipine View
E38 Nizatidine View
E39 Nitrofurantoin View
E40 Oxybuprocaine View
E41 Phenazopyridine View
E42 Phenol View
E43 Physostigmine View
E44 Prilocaine View
E45 Primaquine View
E46 Procainamide View
E47 Procarbazine View
E48 Proparacaine View
E49 Protionamide View
E50 Pyridoxal View
E51 Salicylamide View
E52 Succinylsulfathiazole View
E53 Sulpiride View
E54 Zolmitriptan View
E55 Tamsulosin View
E56 Tolmetin View
E57 Trichlormethiazide View
E58 Tripelennamine View
E59 Vardenafil View
E60 Yohimbine View